Vision & Philosophy

Our Sessions

I help people make sense of where they have been, where they are now and what they want for the future.  I hold hope for my clients when they doubt what is possible for themselves and teach them new skills to make meaningful change in their lives.  I’m consistently impressed with the innate wisdom of my clients and it is my profound pleasure to help them access such wisdom.

I do these things in the context of mutual respect and the belief in the fundamental power of healing relationships. 



In general, people seek counseling to alleviate emotional or psychological discomfort or pain.  Counseling can help people clarify values and beliefs and subsequently modify behavior to support a more fulfilling life.  Human beings are resilient and capable of learning new ways to cope with a problem.  Counseling provides a safe environment to explore options, possibilities and directions that fit the values and goals of the client. 

My job is to listen intently to your concerns, help you clarify your needs and your wants, and formulate a plan to help you reach a specific goal.  Your job is to try to be as honest as possible and give yourself time to sort out your options before deciding on a specific direction. Counseling is a place for generally healthy people to cope more effectively with a temporary roadblock and learn skills to manage similar situations more effectively in the future.