“It’s impossible,” said Pride. “It’s risky,” said Experience. 

“It’s pointless,” said Reason. “Give it a try,” whispered the Heart.



Counseling is good for individuals who are struggling in relationship with themselves and others. You may be single, questioning yourself or starting a new relationship and want to set yourself up for success. Maybe you’re going to couples counseling, but you need a place to do your own work and get individual support.

I specialize in helping clients who don’t always know what they want and struggle to communicate their emotional needs in relationship. You feel like you should be over that breakup already, but your heart is still broken. Or you’re a notorious people pleaser and have trouble saying no. Maybe you wish there was a way for you to remain in relationship, but feel less affected by conflicts or day to day arguments.

Counseling is effective because it is a confidential therapeutic relationship in which to learn and practice new ways of being. When we know different options, we have choice about how to proceed. You’re not stuck in being impulsive. We aren’t always taught about being in relationship. None of your feelings can be wrong, but you have a choice in how you behave as a result of your emotions. Let me help you understand your options and cope with intense feelings so you have the space to choose your next step rather than simply reacting.

I also love working with couples who would like to learn communication skills. Feeling lonely or stuck in a marriage can be even more lonely and painful than being alone. Relationship counseling helps create a strong foundation, learn how to work through disagreements and resolve issues in a healthy way.

Conflict isn’t inherently bad. Let’s work together to turn the conflict you’re experiencing into an opportunity for greater intimacy and healthier relationships in all areas of your life.