Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.



Many people don’t know how to name what they’re experiencing, but they’re sure they don’t like what they’ve got. If you feel numb, disconnected, annoyed and doubtful it is very difficult to connect with opportunities for joy. Anxiety and depression act like a thick, wet blanket covering up who you really are. They hide yourself from yourself, making you feel like a stranger in your own world.

If you find yourself worrying, lacking productivity, restless or sleepless these could be symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therapy is a place to put a name to your experience. When you feel understood you begin to feel open, at ease and optimistic. This makes it easier to become excited, curious and energized. The ultimate goal is to reconnect with your own capacity for joy.

Anxiety in particular is so very uncomfortable that anxious clients want immediate relief. I want this for them too! Let me share with you some evidence-based practices for coping with your anxiety so that you can feel like life is more manageable day to day. Once you’re more at peace, most clients find it’s easier to tackle the bigger life challenges.

I’ve had good success teaching clients new skills so that they can manage anxiety and depression. This involves learning how to get your thoughts, feelings and behaviors aligned. Anxiety and depression can be managed. Please don’t let them keep you from being the person you really are beyond all of the guilt, shame and doubt. They are experiences you have that are real, but they don’t have to define you.